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Most engineered quartz stones are resistant to stains but not entirely stain-proof. Prolonged exposure to food and spills can lead to stains, particularly from substances containing tannins, oils, and pigments.

Even when stains aren't readily visible, you might be surprised to discover that your stone can accumulate dirt and oils, resulting in a somewhat "sticky" texture even after a thorough cleaning.

To maintain the pristine condition of your benchtop, ensure its hygiene, and restore its luster and uniform texture, we recommend scheduling a Professional Deep Clean and Polish at least once a year.

It's essential to emphasize that spot cleaning your stone is not advised, as it can lead to noticeable uneven patches.

During the service, our skilled technician will treat your benchtop with our specially formulated cleaning solution, meticulously clean and polish it in sections using a gentle stone polishing machine. This process effectively removes embedded dirt and oils, leaving your benchtop both clean and uniform in texture, with a refreshed appearance.

Cleaning and Polishing Before and after photo
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