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When undertaking kitchen or outdoor kitchen enhancements, such as the installation of larger cooktops, sinks, or the addition of new tap holes, StoneRepair specialists are proficient in the precise cutting of various stone benchtop materials.

Our experienced technicians undertake a meticulous process, beginning with precise measurements of your new appliance, ensuring an accurate fit by marking the necessary onsite cutting area.


Please be advised that the appliance (cooktop, sink, or tap) should be readily available onsite for measurement to ensure a perfect fit.

To facilitate the cutting process, we employ a state-of-the-art, tailor-made wet-cutting tool that not only guarantees a clean cut but also prevents the dispersion of dust throughout your living space.

During the cutting procedure, our technicians take precautions to seal off the designated area, thereby preventing dust and eliminating potential contaminants within the home environment.

It is of paramount importance to highlight that we exclusively provide a secure wet-cutting service. In contrast to some competitors, we refrain from dry cutting stone due to health concerns, specifically the risk of Silicosis.

StoneRepair is the singular service provider in Sydney that offers this secure wet-cutting method, prioritizing safety and quality in every project we undertake.

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